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Our mission to use Periscope to create healing spaces for people to reconnect with their hearts and access their inner wisdom.  We are a collaborative of live-streamers who believe in using Periscope to help heal the world.

Why Meditation?

For an individual - Meditation calms the mind, reduces stress, and has been scientifically proven to heal many illnesses.

For the world - regardless of race, religion, politics, or ethnicity, every human being has the right to live in peace.  Outer peace in the world begins with inner peace.

What is a Creative Meditation?

Meditation is not just sitting cross-legged and chanting Om; We want expand the definition.  Meditation can be any activity that helps you find your center.  That's why we broadcast creative meditations under 5 themes:

The Story of Global Meditation Scope

On July 31, 2015, Anita was jamming with her peri-family in a late night scope, brainstorming ideas for how she could contribute to their lives.  She'd been leading meditations on Periscope for three weeks, and thought it would be awesome to have 20 broadcasters lead meditations on one day.  Someone typed into the chat "Global Meditation Scope", and something inside told her - this is it! 

She bought the domain right on that broadcast, and stayed up late to build out the first version of the website.  Over the next 9 days, she worked with her community to find the most inspiring broadcasters in the peri-verse, and invite them to be part of our first event.  Over 120 broadcasters from all around the world participated in the first event, on August 8, 2015.

Since then, #GlobalMeditationScope has been featured in Mashable and twice at Summit Live - the world's more powerful live-streaming event.

We are more than an event. We are the GMS Family.

GMS is a collaborative effort from many big-hearted Periscopers.   From total meditation beginners to veteran meditation teachers, all are welcome to participate.  We always welcome support in all areas including promotion, partnerships, community building, design, web, sponsorship, organization.



Behind The mOvement

Anita Wing Lee (@anitawinglee) is an international broadcaster, award-winning speaker, meditation guide, and humanitarian. She founded Global Meditation Scope during 9 days of pure inspiration and considers it her sacred service to humanity.

Anita's decade-long struggle with body weight, her travels around the world over the last 5 years and her stubbornness against getting a “normal” job ultimately led to a powerful spiritual awakening. Anita broadcasts with a rawness, authenticity and grit rarely found online, as she chronicles her journey as a 25-year old committed to fulfilling her highest calling in this lifetime. Often said to be a voice for wisdom beyond her years, Anita is a champion for life’s infinite possibilities.

Anita is the founder of Project:SoulFam, an initiative that harnesses her expertise as a live-streamerto create exposure and raise funds for grassroots humanitarian efforts. Most recently, she was in Lesvos, Greece working in the heart of the refugee crisis.  Learn more about the




Enjoy the soothing Official Songs from the first ever Global Meditation Scope EP, published in Dec 2015. Listen free on Spotify or support GMS and the artists by getting the songs on iTunes or Amazon.

The three amazing artists from our @daisonline, @emelieappeand and @Rod_Official.

Songwriter/Executive Producer: Linda Sonnvik (@sonnvik) with Christian Oscarsson and Peo Dahl, released at PR World/PR Label Group, especially for Global Meditation Scope.

Are you a music scoper?

Email to be part of the next GMS album! 

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