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Scoping Products

Global Meditation Scope is proud to have Scoping Products as a main supplier to all our participants, for all their scoping and viewing needs.  The items shown on this page were specifically chosen to help make scoping easy and enjoyable during meditation.

As per a “Scoping Project Initiative” to help Pay-It-Forward, a portion of each sale will go back into Global Meditation Scope to help make meditation more accessible for others.

At checkoutAPPLY CODE “globalmeditationscope” and receive an automatic 10% DISCOUNT (not applicable on packages and items already on sale)

SP-Package1: Good2Go (SP-214 + SP-153 + SP-284)

With this package, you're good to.  Whether you need something for your desk, car, outdoors, on the go….these 3 items will cover everything.

SP-136M: Octo-Pod 11″ Tripod (phone)

A different way to scope your talents!  You can bend the tripod’s legs to grab on to fences, poles, trees, literally anything you can think of, or simply set it up straight to use as handy tripod on your desktop.

SP-284: Mini-Pod  (Phone/Tablet)

A sleek, compact, simple, easy to use tripod stand, that is so compact it can fit in your pocket!  It doubles as a handle so you can get a solid grip on your Smartphone, making it easy to aim and frame your scopes with confidence.

SP-214: Selfie-Pod - All in One (Phone/Tablet+Bluetooth)

Selfie-Pod- All in One.png

We like to think of this as our next generation selfie-stick, as it does whatever a selfie stick did, BUT so much more.  This is the scoping product that can do it all.  3 height adjustments, up to 52″.

SP-153: Quick Clip


Mount your phone quickly and securely with varying options for filming or viewing.  Clip it to your laptop, or attach it to your cupboard door while cooking to show your skills, or watch your favorite broadcasts.  Also very handy as a car mount.

SP-223: Compact Extendable   Tripod (Phone)

Ideal for varying desktop uses, to show off and display hands-free whatever you are doing!

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