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Our Favorite Things

We love meditation, but we're human too.  Sometimes life gets crazy and we need an extra boost. That’s why we excited to bring you some of this curated shop of our favorite things - tools that we use on a daily basis to state calm, centered and inspired. Our creatives and artists custom designed these beautiful items to help you deepen your meditation practice and reconnect to your natural rhythm.

All of our offerings carefully selected for their healing properties, handmade or made with all organic, natural ingredients. Just so you can feel extra good about shopping, 50% of proceeds go directly to the support the creator and 50% go back into GMS to help make meditation more accessible for everyone.  Click on each product to learn how we use it for meditation.

GMS Official Mala Bead Bracelet

Graciously offered by @MelissaSerene

Used in meditation as a tool, while chanting, reciting, or silently repeating a mantra. Mala’s help with one’s sense of focus, clarity, calm, and mindfulness. 

Infused Candles

Graciously offered by @silentmoonindra

The Purple Rosebuds symbolise Enchantment. The Cedar Leaf represents healing, cleansing and protection. Amethyst – Guards Against Psychic Attack.   

Love Hat & Crystal Bundle

Receive your own vibrational tune-up kit with an Unconditional Love Hat, a crystal starter kit, and Love Balm, and a palo santo smudge stick. 

Crystal Starter Kit

Receive a crystal starter kit, an  Unconditional Love Balm, and a palo santo smudge stick.  Perfect for amplifying, healing and balancing energy

6" Singing Bowl w/ cushion

All graciously offered by @PattyYUniverse

Add sound healing to your meditation practice with this 6" singing bowl.

Meditation oil

Graciously offered by @AskTanyaSmart

Enhance your meditation experience by grounding, calming, and relaxing.  Apply on the forehead, behind the ears, or below the nose.


Graciously offered by @mysticmoons_tarot

A custom handmade mala beads with jade and clear quartz crystal to aid in meditation. Recite a mantra with each bead to clear your mind and manifest your intentions.

Meditation Tea Blend

Proudly in collaboration with @goodkarmateaco

Organic, small batch, artisan tea custom designed for GMS. Enjoy this enlightening blend of refreshing peppermint, lotus flower, and lemon to deepen your meditation practice.

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